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Revitalização de marcas

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A Function, empresa de webdesign, colocou em seu blog sua lista das 50 melhores revitalizações de logomarcas. Muitos exemplos de como a as marcas se adaptaram ao longo do tempo, seja para refletir melhor seu posicionamento de mercado, ou simplesmente para atualizarem-se. Têm várias coisas muito legais. Aqui eu apresento as 10 top.

01. AT&T Inc.

This is an ideal example of how a subtle upgrade can make a huge difference.


02. BP Garage

A completely different direction and modern feel. A huge improvement!

BP Garage

03. Sprint

Looking at the old sprint logo it’s obvious a re-design was needed.


04.  Mindshare

A great find via Brand New. Great use of colours & typography.

05. Mustang 2010

The current 2009 Logo, compared to 2010. Subtle improvements, but wow so much more aggression! Source: AutoBlog.

06. Adobe Photoshop CS4

Adobe has come a long way in a short time, I like the way things are going.

07. Discovery Channel

Probably one of my favourites. Really love the placement of elements.

08. Fanta

The old can really does look dated compared to the new look.

09. Johnsons Baby

Not one of the obvious choices, but I love the softer approach.

10. Fiat Bravo

Yeah that’s right, a car made it into the list. A great example of a successful redesign, and Fiat’s recent sales figures prove it. Plus I drive this car, so a very biased choice!

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viaFunction Web Design & Development [ Blog ] » 50 Stunning Examples of a great redesign: My Top Picks.